Not a ribbet ribbet, but rather a click click at #Sandbaai beach near #Hermanus

We love going for walks along the ocean walk at #Sandbaai beach, near #Hermanus.

One of the questions we asked was what type of #frog lives next to the ocean, as we could hear their unusual sound that they were making, but could never get to see one of these little creatures.

We contacted the Endangered Wildlife Trust to see if they could assist. Dr. Jeanne Tarrant, Manager: Threatened Amphibian Programme, identified the frog after viewing this short video which showed their habitat, as well as the sound that they made.

“Your froggies are Clicking Stream Frogs, Strongylopus grayii. They are widespread across South Africa, and as the name suggests they sit around and “click”! They will make use of streams, rivers, dams, vleis, wetlands, garden ponds – not really fussy! Very interesting that they are that close to the sea.

” Dr Jeanne sent us a pic of these allusive creatures, so that we knew what to look out for. The photo showed the most distinguishing feature – which is the extremely long back middle toe.

Well now we all know what they look like, what sound they make, what their name is, and the unusual location here in #Sandbaai, #Hermanus in the Western Cape, South Africa. Do you love frogs? Or are you like so many people that are frightened of them!

For further reading or to find out about these frogs go to SCARCE –  or visit Endangered Wildlife Trust (EWF). You can also do your bit for conservation and become a member or supporter of EWF!


A winter sunset with a moon rise over Walker Bay, #Hermanus, South Africa

It was such a beautiful winters day, and it promised to provide a spectacular sunset. We encouraged our guests – the mad Italians – Alberto and Lee, to take a drive up Rotary Way and enjoy sun-downers whilst overlooking the Bay.

An added bonus for us was the full moon rising in the east and the sun setting in the West.

Wow is all we could say, and again how blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful part of South Africa.

Even penguins deal with peer pressure!

Check how one penguin reacts when the Honcho Penguin and his crew come down the same path!

This short video was taken at one of our favourite tourist attractions in the Overberg region – the Stony Point Penguin Colony near Bettys’ Bay.

We love watching these little waddlers, and what’s great at Stony Point penguin Colony, is that one can get up close to them. It is so great to just observe and see what these little guys get up to, and we often add commentary to what action is going on or what the penguins are up to. This short video shows how even in nature, peer pressure is evident.

Enjoy and let us know what your thoughts are on this matter.

Pregnant Mushroom Storm Cloud over Sandbaai, Hermanus

On my daily walk with the dogs on the VOS ocean pathway I came accross this amazing scene which I had to capture on video (took some amazing still photo’s).

In the west we had an amazing sunset taking place, with the moon already hanging in the Orange sky!

In the east there was this pregnant mushroom cloud showering the earth and sea with a torrent of rain – wow is all I can say!

Over the ocean, some more storms brewing.

Blessed to live in this amazing part of South Africa.

Whales, wedges, wine ….. whatever?

Yep, the Winter season is upon us here in the beautiful Overberg Region of the Western Cape, and what a special season it is.

It signals that the Whales will be with us shortly, fires will be roaring in the hearth’s of the restaurants and accommodation establishments, amazing scenic opportunities present themselves for the avid photographer, and best of all great value for money special offers are abundant during this season.

The weather on some days does tend to keep us indoors, but hey this presents so many new things to do, curl up with a book in front of the fire, enjoy a meal at one of the restaurants or wine cellars, play board games with friends, explore the museums, “sniffle” the bookshops, art galleries, curio stores, or 2nd hand stores for a special item for your house.

Getting outdoors is still an option on many days, play golf at one of our top golf courses, or hike the mountains and view Hermanus from above, listen out for the Hermanus Whale crier, feel that thrill when you spot the whales, take a boat trip, cycle on one of the many bike trails, explore the cliffs or take a walk on the VOS ocean path, go sea kayaking, visit the markets, partake in one of the unique festivals, – relax or be active – the choice is yours!

So what would you choose to do, in Hermanus, our town for all seasons! Image

Dog meets tortoise for the first time

Check out the short video about our Scotty meeting a tortoise for the first time.

Tiago (our Scotty with an attitude) grew up in the big city and rarely came into contact with wild animals. Having moved down here to Sandbaai, Hermanus, and lving next to a green belt and the ocean, there is an abundance of wild life.

We were working in the garden, and we heard Tiago barking, but it was a diffrent type of bark, so off we went to investigate what was going on. (The week before he came face to face with a Cape Cobra snake).

We found him sitting watching a tortoise – and he would ‘attack” the tortoise everytime it moved. It was hilarious watching him interact with the Tortoise.

He now knows what they are – so he is not too phased anymore.

Bubbles our other dog – she beacame the tortoise hunter – but that story is for another time.

Setting up the beach

We loved the early morning walks in Patong, Thailand and to see how each morning the entrepreneurs would “set up” the beach each morning for the thousands of tourists who flock to the beach each day.

each day these loungers are set up in the morning and taken away at night

each day these loungers are set up in the morning and taken away at night

A daily occurrence for the pigeons who come for breakfast at a small restaurant on Patong beach

A daily occurrence for the pigeons who come for breakfast at a small restaurant on Patong beach

All waiting to be set up in the morning

All waiting to be set up in the morning

What does a bath, no Television and a shark have in common?

All of these are related to an experience that changed and made a positive difference in certain people’s lives. I decided to pen and share my experience after interacting with the guests this morning at breakfast, who are staying at my wife’s guesthouse.

After breakfast, whilst enjoying a cup of coffee on my patio, appreciating the beauty of my surroundings, the sound of the crashing waves in the background, I again realised how blessed Charlise and I are to be able to stay where we do and that our home and area is a new experience for someone visiting here.

We too often want to head off into the wide world to experience wonders – but in actual fact we have so much locally or on our own doorsteps, and we don’t see them, or realise that perhaps we can tick off certain items on our bucket list, or perhaps even just do something that is not part of our normal routine.

The journey began at 5a.m. today for two of our guests, Nic and Natalie, who ticked off something on their bucket list – after they went shark cage diving this morning.


Karen came down to breakfast and said thank you for not having TV’s in the suites, as for the first time in a very long time, the family enjoyed sitting outside on the patio watching the sunset and the stars come out, and actually spoke and enjoyed each other’s company. I did say to Karen, that this is one of the reasons why we didn’t put TV’s in the room – our philosophy is “talk to each other” don’t sit in front of that box!


A big oval bath full of bubbles allowed a mom and daughter to connect again on a new level this morning, after enjoying  a time of laughter and remembrance in the bath, which they last did many years ago (mainly due to the fact that they don’t have a big bath at home and the daughter is much bigger).


That got me thinking – when last did you change something in your routine, or try something new or different.  No I am not talking about those big bucket list items, which I hope you all have, but rather  you “mini bucket list” i.e. just planning something small or doing it on the spur of the moment that will make a positive or meaningful experience!

We often hear people talking about having a bucket list or doing something but yet fail to do it for a variety of reasons. My motto is “PUT IT IN THE DIARY” as then it will happen!

Enjoy your next mini bucket list experience and don’t be shy to tell others!

Where has it gone?

Living so close to the sea is a real blessing and privilege.

Labbie checking out for the fish

Labbie checking out for the fish


I love to go for walks along the ocean pathway – we have 12km’s to explore, and I always take the dogs, Tiago and Bubbles. It is amazing how their inner clock works, ’cause when it gets to 4 o’clock in the afternoon, they start “talking to me” and get restless, knowing that it is time to get down to the beach.

When I put my walking shoes on – then they jump around like naughty kids, and head off to the where their dog leash is hanging.

They love to explore and I always wonder what it is that they smell – what goes through their mind? They always seem to be looking for something as well.

They also love meeting up with the other ‘dawgs’ of the neighbourhood and Tiago gets very jiggy if the Yorkies are around – his favourite girl dog!

tiago and bubbles resize (750x563)


Dogs are truly a man’s best friend, and love the time I spend with them.

Have you got the courage to leave the Shore?

Have you got the courage to leave the Shore?

A favourite quote of ours! The photo was taken at the Sandbaai beach, Hermanus, South Africa,

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