What does a bath, no Television and a shark have in common?

All of these are related to an experience that changed and made a positive difference in certain people’s lives. I decided to pen and share my experience after interacting with the guests this morning at breakfast, who are staying at my wife’s guesthouse.

After breakfast, whilst enjoying a cup of coffee on my patio, appreciating the beauty of my surroundings, the sound of the crashing waves in the background, I again realised how blessed Charlise and I are to be able to stay where we do and that our home and area is a new experience for someone visiting here.

We too often want to head off into the wide world to experience wonders – but in actual fact we have so much locally or on our own doorsteps, and we don’t see them, or realise that perhaps we can tick off certain items on our bucket list, or perhaps even just do something that is not part of our normal routine.

The journey began at 5a.m. today for two of our guests, Nic and Natalie, who ticked off something on their bucket list – after they went shark cage diving this morning.


Karen came down to breakfast and said thank you for not having TV’s in the suites, as for the first time in a very long time, the family enjoyed sitting outside on the patio watching the sunset and the stars come out, and actually spoke and enjoyed each other’s company. I did say to Karen, that this is one of the reasons why we didn’t put TV’s in the room – our philosophy is “talk to each other” don’t sit in front of that box!


A big oval bath full of bubbles allowed a mom and daughter to connect again on a new level this morning, after enjoying  a time of laughter and remembrance in the bath, which they last did many years ago (mainly due to the fact that they don’t have a big bath at home and the daughter is much bigger).


That got me thinking – when last did you change something in your routine, or try something new or different.  No I am not talking about those big bucket list items, which I hope you all have, but rather  you “mini bucket list” i.e. just planning something small or doing it on the spur of the moment that will make a positive or meaningful experience!

We often hear people talking about having a bucket list or doing something but yet fail to do it for a variety of reasons. My motto is “PUT IT IN THE DIARY” as then it will happen!

Enjoy your next mini bucket list experience and don’t be shy to tell others!


About elskeg

I Love life, love to travel! I have been working in the travel and tourism industry for more than 20 years, and am truly passionate about travel and to encourage people to travel, as it just enhances and fulfills your life experience on this earth! Southern Africa is my home territory and it is such an amazing place to explore!! Follow my blogs to experience the secrets of this territory, as well as my general thoughts and perhaps even thoughts on our industry. in 2013, Charlise (my wife) and I moved to Hermanus (Sandbaai) situated in the Overberg Region of the Western Cape, South Africa, where we opened a guesthouse which Charlise manages. My management consultancy agency is based on the premises as well. The Overberg region is an amazing destination for all seasons! Not only is it the best land based whale watching, but has one of the best wine routes in the world, unique fauna and flora, activities for young and old, restaurants to suit any palate, world famous artists, and great people who reside in the area. I look forward to interacting with you!

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  1. I recently changed my morning routine. I now rise early (5:30am) each morning to give myself the time to write. I’m also in the midst of a 6-month experiment for which I’ve committed myself to stepping outside my comfort zone and trying something new every chance I get.

    • Hey thanks for reading the blog and sharing what you are doing. Early morning is the best time of the day for me – so quite and prepare myself for the day ahead. I wish you all the best with your experiment and will follow your journey!

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