Welcome to my blog!

On these pages you will travel with me to places that I (we) have visited, what we been up to, what’s happening, and sometimes just my random thoughts.

G. Elske, geoff Elske, Charlise elske, wife

My travelling companion!

“I haven’t been everywhere, but its on my list”

Is my own favorite quote, and I have been blessed to have travelled to some amazing places on our planet. There are places and experiences that I know I might never physically get to, but experience and share by reading other people’s blogs, stories, and amazing photo’s. Of course TV allows one to see some amazing things, but at the same time adds items to my bucket list.

travel, geoff elske, charlise elske, mozambique, travel,

The adventurers!

“No road is too long, when travelling with good company!”

This is my wife’s favourite personal quote, and we love travelling, exploring and discovering new places, things to do and of course to meet amazing interesting people.

No road is to long when travelling with good company

No road is to long!

My amazing family

I am blessed with an amazing family!

hilton and sasha (2)

Hilton and Sasha

Jordan, Charlise and kayli

Jordan, Charlise and kayli






Clinton and Kimmy at their wedding

Clinton and Kimmy at their wedding

Tarryn and Josh

Tarryn and Josh

tiago and bubbles (2)

Tiago and Bubbles

My passion

I love taking photo’s (and drives the family mad sometimes) but is my art form, and captures memories that I can enjoy over and over again. Check out my Photography Blog / website. I love the outdoors, capturing wildlife, scenic vistas, and people!

I love taking photos of wildlife, animals teach us so much!

The animal kingdom is amazing

Thanks for stopping by and look forward to interacting with you!


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